Adding & Managing Members

Adding and Managing Members

From the Manage menu on the left, click Members. Under this section, you have these options and more:

  • Invite Members - allows you to send someone an invitation to be a member of your group.  
  • Direct Add Members - This allows you to directly add someone to your group without sending them an invitation. You can set their Email subscription option to Digest Email, All Email, Abridged Email, or No email. Warning: Do not add people this way unless they have already agreed to be in your Google Group.
  • Advertise Your Group - you can invite people to join your group with a link. This example is a link for a group named BEST:!forum/group-BEST  
  • Join Requests - if your group is set up so that people can ask to join, make sure to regularly view the join requests section and approve any users that have requested to join.
  • Remove a Member or a Manager - select All members, then check the box by their name. In the menu buttons at the top, select Actions > Remove from group or Remove from Role.

To make one of your members a fellow Manager, from the Manage menu on the left, click Roles > Roles > Manager > Add members and selecting the member you want to make a manager and Add. Make sure to select Save for the role change to take effect.