Setting or Modifying Permissions

Setting or Modifying Permissions

  1. From the Manage menu on the left, click Permissions > Basic Permissions to adjust these settings:



    Default Setting

    How to Change

    View Topics

    Choose who can read your group’s posts

    All Members of the Group


    Click Select group of users drop-down and pick an option.


    Choose who can post/send messages to the group

    All Managers of the Group

    Join the Group

    Choose who can become a member of the group.

    Anyone in the Organization

    New Member Question

    Automatically ask a question to the people seeking to join your group

    No new member question

    This is only available if Anyone in the Organization can Ask to Join the Group; Just type a question in the box

  2. To edit settings for Adding Members, Approving Members, Approving messages, Banning Users and more. Click Permissions > Moderation Permissions. 

    Note: Only Managers and Owners can perform these actions by default.