How do I navigate between GSuite products?

To navigate between products in GSuite, use the 3x3 Apps Grid icon in the top right corner of any GSuite application and choose the application you would like to visit

I manage multiple @appstate Gmail accounts. How do I check them?

If you manage multiple @appstate Gmail accounts, there are two methods to access those accounts in the same browser: Managing People in Google Chrome and Account Delegation

Manage People

  • In Chrome, click the People button
  • Click Manage People from the context menu
  • In the Manage People Window that opens, select Add Person
  • Select a display icon and to add a display name for the account
  • Select Add
  • You will be prompted to log into the @appstate account you wish to add
  • Repeat this process for each @appstate account you manage

Account Delegation

  • Sign into the inbox for the @appstate account you wish to check and click the Settings
  • Select the Accounts and Import tab
  • Next to the heading Grant Access to Your Account, select Add Another Account
  • In the Grant Access to Your Account window, enter the address of the @appstate Gmail account you wish to use to manage the current account
  • Click Next
  • An email will be sent to the @appstate account you entered. Check that account and click the link to Confirm the delegation
  • You can now view and manage the delegated account from your @appstate inbox. Use the Switch Accounts function to manage added accounts

When I log into Gmail, it shows my personal inbox instead of my AppState inbox

Unless configured otherwise, most browsers maintain active sessions for all GSuite related applications based on Gmail accounts. If you have a personal Google Account, you can add any additional, non-AppState accounts by following the steps listed in this Google GSuite Support Document , or view the image below

How can I get general training with GSuite?

Google maintains the GSuite Learning Center, which provides extensive training on the basics of using GSuite. You can delineate into individualized GSuite applications for app-specific assistance

How do I join the GSuite Tips Google Group?

To join Groups-GoogleTips, visit the GSuite Tips sign-up page

I can't seem to move file folders into Team Drive (but I can move files)

Google does not yet allow non-admin users to migrate folders from Drive to Team Drive. For assistance moving folders, please submit a support ticket and the Help Desk will reach out to you for a consultation